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15 Jun, 1959

Manchester United player Alan Brazil was born. Today: 65 years old. He has 41 appearances and 12 goals for the club

15 Jun, 2023

Manchester United player Gordon McQueen died ,RIP

15 Jun, 1933

Manchester United player Mark Jones was born. He has 121 appearances and 1 goals for the club
Jones was one of 8 players who had died in the Munich disaster

15 Jun, 1996

Manchester United player Allenby Chilton died ,RIP
The Last Player to move in a direct transfer between Liverpool and Man United. It was in November 1938

15 Jun, 2010

Zoran Tosic left the club to CSKA Moscow

15 Jun, 2006

Jonathan Spector left the club to West Ham

15 Jun, 2005

Roy Carroll left the club to West Ham

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